Universal Mounting Kit for Shaft Diameter 100 mm

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  • Part Numbers: SGR-100-UKIT (solid ring) and SGR-100-UKIT-2A4 (split ring)
  • Designed to avoid slinger or shaft shoulder
  • Install with 3 or 4 brackets depending on motor end bell design
  • Mount with included screws and washers or with AEGIS Conductive Epoxy EP2400
  • Includes:
    • AEGIS Shaft Grounding Ring
    • (4) Universal Mounting Brackets in each of 4 styles
    • (4) 5-40 x 3/8" flat head screws
    • (4) M4 x 10 mm socket head cap screws
    • (4) M4 split lock washers
    • (4) M4 flat washers
    • Allen wrenches: (1) each 5/64" and 3 mm
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Download PDF drawings:

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CS-015 Colloidal Silver

AEGIS® CS015 Colloidal Silver Shaft Coating

  • Recommended for all installations
  • Enhances the conductivity of the motor shaft surfaces
  • 20-25 applications based on a 3" shaft
    Item is Hazardous  Material Safety Data Sheet
EP2400 Epoxy

AEGIS®EP2400 Conductive Epoxy

  • Used to install the AEGIS® ring without drilling and tapping into motor bracket
  • Great for field retrofits.
    Item is Hazardous  Material Safety Data Sheet  Material Safety Data Sheet
High Frequency Grounding Straps

AEGIS HFGS High-Frequency Ground Strap

  • Ensures reliable conductive path from motor frame to ground
  • Standard 12" and 24" lengths
  • Pre-punched to fit bolts on standard motor foot sizes
Shaft Grounding Tester

AEGIS Shaft Voltage Tester

  • Detects presence and size of shaft voltage on running motors
  • Incorporate testing into preventive and predictive maintenance programs
  • Create test reports for customers or management
Custom Options

For uKITS with custom hardware, spacers, additional bolt holes, or other modifications, contact Customer Service at sales@est-aegis.com or +1 207 998-5140.