For Shaft Diameters 47.2 - 48.1 mm

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Mounting Options

 Clamp-On Shaft Grounding Rings

AEGIS® SGR Solid & Split Ring with Clamps

  • Ships with mounting clamps, M3 x .50 x 8 mm screws and washers
  • Quick and easy installation to most surfaces.
Bolt-Through Shaft Grounding Rings AEGIS® SGR Bolt Through Mounting
  • Ships with M3 x 14 mm cap screws and washers (-3 suffix) or M3 x 12 mm counter sunk flat head screws  (-3MFH suffix)
  • 2 mounting holes up to shaft size 86.2 mm
  • 4 mounting holes for larger sizes

Epoxy Mounted Shaft Grounding Rings

AEGIS® SGR Solid & Split Ring with Conductive Epoxy

  • Ships with EP2400 Conductive Epoxy
  • Quick and easy installation to most surfaces
  • No drilling and tapping
Press Fit Mounted Shaft Grounding Ring

AEGIS® SGR Press Fit Mounting

  • Clean dry press fit 0.051 to 0.102 mm
  • Outer diameter 67.564 +0/-0.025 mm 
  • Bore diameter 67.462 +0.025/-0 mm

Contact Customer Service for special requests.


Download PDF drawings:

      • Click here to download PDF installation instructions
      • Click here for the online version of of the instructions
      • Minimum Available Shaft Length: 9.5 mm

Reverse Fiber Diagram

If the available shaft length is less than 9.5 mm see the Custom Options tab.



 CS-015 Colloidal Silver

AEGIS® CS015 Colloidal Silver Shaft Coating

  • Recommended for all installations
  • Enhances the conductivity of the motor shaft surfaces
  • 20-25 applications based on a 76.2 mm shaft
    Item is Hazardous  Material Safety Data Sheet
EP2400 Epoxy

AEGIS® EP2400 Conductive Epoxy

  • Used to install the AEGIS® ring without drilling and tapping into motor bracket
  • Great for field retrofits.
    Item is Hazardous  Material Safety Data Sheet  Material Safety Data Sheet
High Frequency Grounding Straps

AEGIS HFGS High-Frequency Ground Strap

  • Ensures reliable conductive path from motor frame to ground
  • Standard 12" and 24" lengths
  • Pre-punched to fit bolts on standard motor foot sizes
Shaft Grounding Tester

AEGIS Shaft Voltage Tester

  • Detects presence and size of shaft voltage on running motors
  • Incorporate testing into preventive and predictive maintenance programs
  • Create test reports for customers or management
Custom Options

Reversed Fiber:

For short shaft shoulders, we offer the reversed fiber customization.  Reversed fiber SGRs fit shaft shoulders with between 4.8 mm and 9.5 mm available.  If the shoulder is less than 4.8 mm long, a uKIT must be used. 

Reverse Fiber

For part numbers for reversed fiber SGRs, custom hardware, spacers, additional bolt holes, or other modifications, contact Customer Service at or +1 207 998-5140.